Visiting UMBC

UMBC is located 10 minutes from BWI airport and in close proximity to Baltimore City. There are many ways to reach campus via public and private transportation. Trains, busses, and cars all make great means of transportation. Various methods of arriving at UMBC and the BIM Lab can be found below.

The BIM Lab is located in room 461 on the fourth floor of the Information Technology/Engineering (ITE) building near the 195/95 entrance to campus. Visitors can park in the Administration Drive Garage which has parking meters that accept quarters (there are several change machines).

Details about campus and parking.
On the map, the ITE building is located at G4 and the parking garage is located in H5/6.

Commuting to UMBC via UMBC Transit

The UMBC Transit shuttle is the most reliable way to get to campus.  These buses always run on time, and you can track their location easily using their website or the Transloc app.  UMBC transit runs daily shuttles to Downtown Baltimore, Catsonville, Arbutus, and Halethorpe. Note that there is usually a reduced schedule on weekends and the summer session. Get off on the first stop (the Administration Building) to visit ITE.

Commuting to UMBC via the MARC Commuter Train
The MARC Penn line runs between Perryville and Washington DC on Weekdays and has many stops (including Baltimore’s Penn Station and the BWI airport).  The closest stop to campus is the Halethorpe MARC station.  You can easily track the location of these trains using the MARC tracker: Once at this station there are several ways to get to campus.

UMBC Transit runs a shuttle from the Halethorpe MARC station to campus. It takes 20 minutes via shuttle to get from the MARC station to campus. Note that these shuttles are optimized for southbound commuters.

MTA Bus 77 stops at the intersection of Winnans and Patapsco (a short walk from the Northbound side of the tracks at the Halethorpe MARC station).  It is a 7 minute ride on this bus to campus, and it drops off on the west side of the UMBC loop.  The only problem with this bus is that it is frequently running 5 minutes off schedule (either early or late), and there is currently no way to track its location, however MTA expects bus tracking by 2013!

Bike. It is 1.9 miles from the southbound side of the Halethorpe station to UMBC campus. There is not much traffic on these streets, and there is a slight incline when getting to campus.  The Halethorpe MARC station has 3 covered bike lockers available for rent.  More information about these bike lockers and the MTA bike policy is available here.

There is also a bike rack under the overpass where many people leave their bikes. There are many great places to get a bike in Baltimore city, including the Velocipede Bike Project where you can buy an affordable used bike and also learn how to repair your own bike (they are located across the street from Penn Station).

Walk. It is 1.9 miles from the southbound side of the Halethorpe station to UMBC campus. There is not much traffic on these streets, and there is a slight incline when getting to campus.  It is a pleasant walk on a nice day past a few restaurants and stores, and sometimes you will luck out and be able to catch Bus 77 or the UMBC transit while walking.

A note about MTA stations near UMBC
The Halethorpe station is mostly outside, but covered and wheelchair accessible. On the Southbound side there is a bathroom and a ticket Machine on the ground level. This station is not crowded at night and there are minimal street lights so students should stay aware of their surroundings.

Commuting to UMBC from Baltimore City
MTA Route 77 runs through UMBC and its last stop is at the Patapsco Light Rail.  It takes this bus 30 minutes to travel from the light rail station to UMBC.  From this light rail station you can go north to downtown (about a 15 minute ride) or south to the airport (about a 20 minute ride).  Note that this bus frequently runs 5 minutes ahead or behind its schedule, so it is worth it to arrive early and be patient.

MTA Bus 35 runs every half hour between the White Marsh Mall and UMBC.  It stops downtown, where you can connect to the light rail or the subway. It takes about a half hour to go between downtown and UMBC.  This bus is frequently crowded, and is notorious for not always running on schedule.  This bus goes through a range of neighborhoods, so students are advised to be cautious about riding this bus at night and using their laptops or other expensive technology.

Transportation to UMBC from BWI
The BWI Rail station has both MARC and Amtrak train stops. UMBC transit runs a shuttle four times a day from the BWI Marc station to  campus.  Currently, there is one shuttle in the morning, and three in the evening.  It takes this shuttle about 10 minutes to get to the MARC station from campus.

MTA Bus 99 connects riders from the BWI airport’s terminal to UMBC and is a quick 12 minute ride to the ITE building. MTA Buses cost $1.60 and require exact change.

It costs about $20 (plus tip) to take a taxi from the BWI rail station to UMBC, and $25 to take a taxi from the BWI Terminals to campus.  This ride takes about 10 minutes.